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The dream of a sustainable future...

Will and his wife Dani started bringing this dream to life in Coupland, Texas. With the help of the Vermillion family, they built a 4300 sq. ft. environmentally controlled greenhouse with a living ecosystem that grows over 100 towers of fresh produce.

"We believe in producing healthy, naturally-grown food that is not only good for your body but good for the planet!

We never use pesticides or chemicals in our cultivation methods."

Please note, our farm is not open to the public.

If you would like to learn more about our farm or for media inquiries, please send us an email or reach out by phone.



At Vermillion Farms, our produce start as seedlings in a water bath solution that is mineral-rich and constantly flowing. Once our seedlings start sprouting, we move them into the towers which undergo a rotating, conservative irrigation cycle. We do drip irrigation for 3 minutes and air dry for 12 minutes, allowing for optimal mineral absorption in the roots.

Our environmentally controlled greenhouse is a full ecosystem that promotes biodiversity while utilizing sustainable growing methods. Our sustainable methods incorporate a recycled water cooling wall for temperature control, ladybugs & other predator insects as pest control, and bees for pollination.


We aim to maintain holistic sustainability, all the way from rainwater collection, cooling walls, and conservative irrigation.

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